My life journey started from the day I was born…He made me beautifully made, inside and out. But to say its been an easy journey would be a lie. Its been one that is filled with cries, laughter, anxiety, confusions, blessings, love, and faith.

My name is Moniqua, I was born September 18, 1986 to a loving, supportive family. My life has been a roller coaster filled with overwhelming love– my father & best friend passed away Feb. 2009, my world crashed. I was then diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis  in Jan. 2010, my world crashed yet again. The struggles and life’s “promises” became so faint and untenable that I was unable to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Fast forward to 4 years–I married my best friend and soul mate on May 31, 2014! Life was finally getting sweet and on track. Prior to that, I graduated with a BSW (social work) but later on went to LA for fashion school, what I love to do.

Now today, my UC has failed on me (all meds have stopped working) the last 2 years but the last 9 months have been the roughest, I’ve learned more about my health, purpose and self then I ever thought I could. I’ve recently underwent my first (Oct. 3, 2017) of 3 surgeries- phase one, ileostomy- removal of my colon (see you never!) and now have an ostomy bag (basically collects my poop-lol I call him “Safety”). Ma, God willing will be my next surgery, phase 2 aka loop ileostomy- removal of rectum and constructing a j-pouch. I will still have an ostomy bag for at least another 3-6 months after.

I’m here to share my journey with life (health), passion (fashion & event planning), & my purpose (always a learn in progress). Sharing all I love in this little blog of mine…

Through sharing my journey, I’ve had the opportunity of having one of my blog post shared on Stealth Belt. This company was founded by an ostomate for ostomates creating belts that literally give our ostomy bags support and to be able to go back to enjoying our “normal” life/routine! Two weeks into my recovery after my first surgery, I ordered my first belt, the pro and love it! I’m so honored that Richard and his company gave me a platform to share my journey with others…check it at: Happy one Month!

I’ve also had another great privilege to write and share my journey with Coptic Voice. This blog is a platform for the Coptic community, which is my faith. They enlighten so many readers on current news in the world that are positive, educational, and informational. I always take any chance I can get to share this autoimmune disease not only for me but for my fellow. I love bringing a voice to this silent disease.

God made me beautiful in His image with all my imperfections (inside & out)-I may not love them at times but I love to share them in hopes to be help others. Come along with me on my never-ending journey…

with much love,


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